Puffin Hat!

I’ve wanted to make this hat for a while. I have a relative who loves puffins, and I wanted to give this as an xmas gift. This is the first time I’ve done colorwork in a while, and I am not super great at it. I was fine for the sections with two colors, but when I hit the three color rows everything became a mess. When I got to the four color rows I said “eff this” and decided to do the beaks in duplicate stitch. It looks ok, but it ended up way too tight.

I’m going to try to find someone with a kid to give this one to, and I’m casting on a second one right away. My plan is to make a few modifications, and hopefully between that and the practice I got from this one I’ll get it to fit right. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “Puffin Hat!

  1. It looks great! Stranded colorwork is definitely a matter of practice – my first attempt was so tight I couldn’t even get it over my head, and then I tried the same pattern but in DK (called for fingering weight) and it was somehow too going and too small at the same time because the floats were so tight!

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