Hex Blanket progress

I'm nowhere near finished making hexagons for this blanket, but I decided to start joining some anyway. There's a ton of ends to weave in so I'm glad to get started and try to mix it up with making the hexes. I started with the white hex in the middle and did a single crochet... Continue Reading →

Fangorn Forest Socks started

My spouse gifted me this beautiful yarn and I cast it on right away on super christmas. It's from Holly Press Fibers, in the Cliffs of Insanity colorway inspired by the Princess Bride. The pattern I chose is Fangorn Forest Socks. I suspect that this pattern would really shine more with a solid color yarn,... Continue Reading →

Oceans of Love Wrap finished

The spouse and I sat down looking for a movie to watch. After scrolling through all the Hallmark xmas movies and laughing at their descriptions, we finally settled on a non-holiday movie: Stardust. I spent the whole movie crocheting and by the end I had finished this shawl. It's not huge, mostly because I had... Continue Reading →

Green Placemat finished

I got my second placemat finished! I love the green and "swan" colors together in this one, and it looks super nice next to the red one too. These are going to be great on our table for xmas. I cast on for the third placemat right away when I finished. There's still a few... Continue Reading →

Krusciki Day

The Saturday before xmas is traditionally krusciki day in my house. These are a Polish fried dough treat that my family has always made around the holidays. This year I swore I was not going to make them, because they are so closely associated with my Mom, and my heart just couldn't handle having them... Continue Reading →

Green Placemat progress

I've been jumping back and forth between many projects this week. Work has been hectic and my poor brain just can't focus on anything for very long. Even so, I've managed to get a bit of progress done on this second placemat. I think I'm definitely on track to get at least this one done... Continue Reading →

Oceans of Love Wrap started

I bought this yarn from Knit Picks during their sale and it only just arrived yesterday. I am a little disappointed because I was hoping to get this project done in time to gift this to my MIL for xmas. Since we're not getting together in person all of the gifts have already been boxed... Continue Reading →

Deco Grid Beanie

I wanted to use up some more of the leftover yarn I had from my puffin hats. Looking around, I found the Deco Grid Beanie and really loved it. I started it over the weekend and finished it up yesterday. I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. The color is definitely not my jam,... Continue Reading →


I finished my red and white placemat over the weekend, and then started on the green and white one right away. If I can get a total of three of these finished before xmas I'll be happy, since that is the total number of people who will be having dinner here that night. If it... Continue Reading →

Xmas Stars

I saw a discussion of these xmas stars go by my twitter feed some time ago, and had bookmarked the instructions. Last night the spouse and I sat down, turned on some xmas music, and each folded one star. We used origami paper, which is about the right weight to hold the shape but still... Continue Reading →

Placemat started

I got it in my head that I wanted to make some placemats to use for xmas dinner. The only placemats we have are either cheap plastic ones with sea creatures on them, or extra fancy ones that were a wedding gift. My plan is to make some with red and white stripes and some... Continue Reading →

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