Krusciki Day

The Saturday before xmas is traditionally krusciki day in my house. These are a Polish fried dough treat that my family has always made around the holidays. This year I swore I was not going to make them, because they are so closely associated with my Mom, and my heart just couldn’t handle having them without her. As we got closer to xmas, though, I realized that I would miss them if we didn’t make them. I also suspected that if we skipped this year I might never make them again.

So on Saturday we decided to go for it, and they turned out beautifully. We only made one batch instead of our usual two. That was partly because I knew it would be emotionally rough for me, and partially because we’re not seeing any family other than my Dad this year due to covid. We might try to ship a few of them to other relatives, but the krusciki are so delicate I’m afraid none would arrive intact.

I’m glad we ended up making them this year, even if I had to stop to have a cry every once in a while. It felt good to keep up the tradition, and of course it helps that they are delicious!

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