Dad Socks finished!

I won at yarn chicken! One sock was very close (less than one meter left), and the other was a little bit safer. Overall I had less than a gram of yarn leftover, so it was a good way to fully use up this grey scrap yarn. I do have plenty of the main color... Continue Reading →

Dad Socks progress (8)

Yarn chicken time! I'm getting a little nervous about finishing the toes of these socks. You can see how much yarn I have left for each of them, and it's not much. I have about four rows of the toe left to knit, plus I need to be able to graft and weave in the... Continue Reading →

Dad Socks progress (7)

I worked on these a bunch over the weekend instead of making my xmas balls. Now they're almost up to the toes. I had definitely lost my sock mojo for a while but I think I fully found it again now. I have a couple of weeks of (virtually) attending a big conference for work... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Holidays

I've been working on this project for the past few weeks, in between other things. I wanted to make my own xmas tree since we won't have a real one this year for various reasons. We plan to spread it out on xmas morning and open our presents on top of it. Until then, I'll... Continue Reading →

Dad Sock progress (6)

I keep checking my progress against this template of my Dad's foot. I think I expect that somehow it is going to magically grow overnight and I won't have to knit another 3.5 inches of the foot. If this pair was for me, I'd already be starting the toe right about now. This is definitely... Continue Reading →

December 2020 Goals

November seemed to be the month of way too many projects. It was also the month of getting my crochet mojo back, which felt really nice. I'm enjoying having a few big crochet projects to balance my pile of knitting. Completed in November: Gramma's Dishcloth - knitAnother Gramma's Dishcloth - knitAnother other Gramma's Dishcloth -... Continue Reading →

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