Tea Towel started

I actually started this project back before I started my sweater, but I never got around to showing it. This is mostly being made so I can use up some of my Dishie yarn without making more dishcloths. I've reached the point where I have too many dishcloths laying around and don't have enough people... Continue Reading →

Cozy Classic Raglan progress (4)

I just can't put this project down. The purple progress keeper shows where I stopped last time. It isn't very far but it did get me to the point where I need to split for the sleeves. I was so nervous about starting such a large project but it's going fairly well so far. I... Continue Reading →

Lemon Apricot Cake

My grandmother was a prolific baker. When I was growing up it seemed like there was always cake at her house when I visited. Her signature cake was a hot milk cake with homemade chocolate fudge icing, but my favorite was always her lemon apricot cake. She made me one for my birthday every year... Continue Reading →

Cozy Classic Raglan progress (2)

Knitting this sweater has been both relaxing and anxiety-inducing in equal measure. The knitting itself is very easy, and I've made a ton of progress. Meanwhile I've been second guessing my needle and sizing choices constantly and it's stressing me out. I took measurements of some of my favorite sweaters and decided that the 2XL... Continue Reading →

Cozy Classic Raglan progress

I've finished the ribbing for the collar and have pulled out the waste yarn from the cast on. It feels strange and magical to be able to pull that out and not have everything fall apart. I may have spent a few minutes just pulling on the ribbing to convince myself that yes, it really... Continue Reading →

Cozy Classic Raglan cast on!

I finally cast on for my first ever knitted sweater! The pattern is Cozy Classic Raglan by Jessie Maed Designs. I made one of her patterns before and was really impressed about the clarity and level of detail it had. This pattern seems intimidating but I think it is just because there is a lot... Continue Reading →

Fangorn Forest Socks finished!

They're done! This is my first pair of socks for 2021 and I'm quite happy with them. The yarn was an xmas gift from the spouse and I adore it. It is from Holly Press Fibers in the colorway "Cliffs of Insanity". The pattern is Fangorn Forest Socks and it was very fun to knit.... Continue Reading →

Pan Protector finished!

It's not the prettiest thing I've ever made, but it is definitely useful! I ran out of the red as I was doing the edging, and decided to just carry on with some variegated yarn. I'm not concerned about how it looks since it will be doing its job in the darkness of our cabinets... Continue Reading →

Pan Protector started

We had a set of pan protectors that we purchased a while ago, but they've started falling apart. I decided to try to replace some with this crocheted version. It gives me a replacement without having to buy anything new, and it uses up some of my giant supply of cotton yarn. Win-win!

Hex Blanket progress (3)

I've been slowly joining hexes and have now completed another full round. There are now 37 hexes at least partially joined into the blanket. I've got another 59 hexes made and still waiting to be joined. I think I need to make another 30ish hexes for a throw. My initial plan was to make this... Continue Reading →

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