January 2021 Goals

I can’t believe it’s 2021. Back in March it felt like 2020 would never end. By the end of the year it felt like a blur of identical days of telework. My hope is that 2021 will be a much better year.

Completed in December:

Current WIPs:

  • Wingspan – knit
  • Ripple Lapghan – Tunisian crochet
  • Hexagon Blanket – crochet
  • Fangorn Forest Socks – knit

December Goals in review:

  • Make a dozen Christmas balls – Nope. I finished five of them, and I feel pretty good about that. It was plenty to give away with some xmas presents. Since we didn’t end up getting a tree this year I wouldn’t have known what to do with them if I had made more.
  • Finish all my holiday gift crafting in time – Yep! Sure, I was weaving in some ends on xmas morning, but everything was ready by the time it was needed so that counts as a win.
  • Use up at least 1000 g of yarn. Nope. I was making smaller items for xmas gifts instead of working on my larger blankets, so I just didn’t use up as much yarn.

January Goals:

  • Swatch and cast on a sweater. This is one of my new Big Goals for 2021 and I’m very excited to get right to it. I have never swatched for anything I’ve knit before, so that in itself should be an adventure.
  • Make a hat. I bought some cute self-striping yarn in December and I want to make a hat for myself with it while it is still cold enough to be useful!
  • Use up some cotton yarn. I have lots of leftover cotton from my placemats that I’d like to use. Maybe I’ll just make dishcloths, or maybe I’ll get some inspiration for something else, but I definitely want to use it this month.

2020 Big Goals Progress:

The year is over, how did I do overall on my big goals?

  1. Learn to knit brioche. Nope. There’s no real reason or excuse for this one. I just spent a lot of time doing comfort knitting and never got around to it.
  2. Make at least one “big” project. Done! I finally finished my vampire squid blanket and it turned out better than I ever hoped.
  3. Either finish or get rid of any WIPs that carried over from last year. Done! It felt very good to finish the year without anything lingering from 2019 or earlier.
  4. Learn a new creative skill. Done! It was fairly minor but I consider Tunisian crochet a new skill. I enjoy it but sadly it takes the same toll on my elbow as regular crochet so it will have to be done in moderation.
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started with. Nope. Between last minute holiday sales and a few skeins that I got as xmas gifts, I gained 920 g of yarn in December. Even though I finished quite a few projects this month it was only a total of 748 g, for a net gain of 172 g in December. That left me with almost exactly 1500 g more yarn than I started the year with.

2021 Big Goals

  1. Knit a sweater. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while, and I have everything planned out and ready to go. I just need to get motivated and get started.
  2. Complete a blanket. I’ve been slowly accumulating hexagons for that blanket, and have also been working on my tunisian ripple afghan. I’d like to finish both but I’ll settle for finishing at least one of them.
  3. Either finish or get rid of any WIPs that carried over from last year. This goal was so satisfying in 2020 that I’m revisiting it again this year. I’ve got 4 WIPs going right now and I want them all to be either finished for frogged before we reach 2022.
  4. Make a return to digital art. I know I’ve tried to make this a goal in the past and failed at it, but I still want to do it. Maybe this will be the year.
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started 2020 with. I admit I did some retail yarn therapy in 2020. I’m not ashamed, we all coped in whatever way we felt best. However, I do need to reclaim some space in my yarn closet. My goal is not just to stay net zero on yarn for 2021, but to make up for the excess from 2020.

This year will be the first new year without my Mom in it, and I’m going to be feeling some feelings about that for a long time. I’m grateful at least that the rest of my family has made it through 2020 healthy and together. 2021 can only be better, right?

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    1. It always takes me a while to come up with my goals but I’m glad I make them. Even if I don’t always complete all of them I enjoy trying.


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