Fangorn Forest Socks finished!

They’re done! This is my first pair of socks for 2021 and I’m quite happy with them. The yarn was an xmas gift from the spouse and I adore it. It is from Holly Press Fibers in the colorway “Cliffs of Insanity”. The pattern is Fangorn Forest Socks and it was very fun to knit. It probably would have looked nicer in a more solid or tonal colorway, but I still like the effect with this yarn. My only complaint about the pattern was that it is designed for DPNs and I ended up giving up on my usual two-at-a-time knitting because it required some needle shuffling.

I’m already scheming about my next pair of socks, but I’m making myself wait until I get some solid progress going on my sweater first. I can’t wait to get it started!


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