Cozy Classic Raglan cast on!

I finally cast on for my first ever knitted sweater! The pattern is Cozy Classic Raglan by Jessie Maed Designs. I made one of her patterns before and was really impressed about the clarity and level of detail it had. This pattern seems intimidating but I think it is just because there is a lot of detail and because she gives a lot of options for sizing and shaping. So far I’ve just completed the tubular cast on (which feels like an achievement in itself!).

I had to decide what I wanted to do about the sizing since my gauge was off a bit. I liked the fabric I got with the pattern-recommended needles, so I decided to go up a garment size. According to my math it should give me about 4 inches of positive ease. The other alternative was to knit my size and have no ease, and I wasn’t quite brave enough to do that. I’m still a little nervous since I’m using superwash wool and I know it can stretch, but I did wash and bock my swatch so my measurements should be right. I’m nervous but excited too!

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