Four more hexagons

I really love making these hexes. They're a perfect size for me to feel like I've completed something quickly without hurting my elbow with too much crochet. Sadly I'm getting close to being done with making them and need to focus on joining them, which is less fun. The other struggle I have with this... Continue Reading →

1986 Socks progress (2)

This yarn is working up so beautifully. I only knit a few rows since the last time I showed it, but I'm excited to have more time to dive into these now that my sweater is done. I definitely want to get these finished in the next couple weeks. The colors continue to delight me... Continue Reading →

Tea Towel progress (2)

I'm almost exactly halfway through this project. I think I am really going to like using this tea towel when it is done but it is a bit boring to work on at the moment. It's great for webinar knitting but unfortunately my days have been getting a bit too busy for that recently. I... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread House Stitch Marker

After seeing how cute the stitch markers from The Corner of Craft were in person, I decided to try my hand at making one myself. She has a nice tutorial video on her YouTube channel that explains how. I'm pretty proud with how this one turned out, even if it took me several hours of... Continue Reading →

Tea Towel progress

I picked this project back up for a little bit of mindless knitting. I've been trying to work out a stripe pattern that will use up as much of these two balls of yarn as possible. After making my placemats for xmas I should have known that this project was going to take me a... Continue Reading →

Some new Hexagons

I have still been making new hexagons here and there, even though I have been neglecting my joining. My interest in this project has been faltering a bit, which is pushing me toward choosing a smaller afghan size and finishing sooner. If I can make about 17 more hexes I will have enough for a... Continue Reading →

Cozy Classic Raglan progress (11)

I'm almost finished with the gray yarn on the second sleeve already. My brand new dragon progress keeper from The Corner of Craft is showing where I picked up my stitches. I've wanted one of her stitch markers for ages and finally caught a shop update and managed to snag two. They're super cute, tiny... Continue Reading →

1986 Socks progress

There is not a whole lot of progress happening with these socks. I adore the yarn, but I'm currently so distracted by my sweater that I haven't been making any time for these. Once I finish the body of the sweater I think I will try to prioritize them for a little bit, at least... Continue Reading →

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