1986 Socks started

It felt weird not having a pair of socks going and this yarn has been calling to me for a while so I cast these on. I decided to try toe-up for a change, since I’ve only made one other pair with that construction. I certainly appreciate not having to worry about remembering how to kitchener stitch.

There’s no special pattern, just a bit of 6×2 broken rib to make it a little less boring than plain stockinette. The yarn does an amazing job of holding my interest all on its own. It is Dyetastic Perfectly Sock, in the colorway 1986. I’m doing two-at-a-time, which is my usual jam, but had to take a close-up photo of just one sock to try to get the colors to show true. The yarn is amazing and it is making me very happy!

4 thoughts on “1986 Socks started

  1. That yarn is stunning!!! My first pair of toe-up socks are in time-out after the heel increases ended up being in the wrong place, been tempted to rip them out and just knit them top down as usual. Your post is prompting me to do better and sort them out! Enjoy!

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    1. I didn’t love toe-up construction the first time I tried it, but that’s why I’m trying again. I’m giving it another chance with a slightly different heel to see if it changes my mind. I hope you get yours back on track without many headaches!

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