Hex Blanket progress (4)

I haven’t been working on this blanket very much, but I do keep making hexes here and there. I also laid out the next round so I can start attaching them, and joined a few. My preference is to lay the blanket on the floor and lay out the hexes for the next round so I can see how they all look, then attach them with stitch markers. That way I can go back later and join as many or as few at a time as I want.

I have enough hexes now to do one more full round of joining after this. Once that is done I will need to decide what happens next. My current options are to either keep joining in the round and end up with a hexagonal blanket, or start joining partial rounds at the top and bottom to make it more traditionally blanket-shaped. Or I could just stop and call it done, since one more full round will make this a fairly reasonable lap blanket size. Decisions for later!


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