1986 Socks progress (2)

This yarn is working up so beautifully. I only knit a few rows since the last time I showed it, but I’m excited to have more time to dive into these now that my sweater is done. I definitely want to get these finished in the next couple weeks. The colors continue to delight me whenever I see them.

3 thoughts on “1986 Socks progress (2)

  1. Oh wow, I’d forgotten how stunning that yarn is; my knitter’s heart just lights up when i see your photos! So so gorgeous & fun. I love that socks can just be so completely wild & joyous! After our last discussion about toe up socks i pulled my first pair out of the naughty corner where they had been dumped, and am now past the heel and onto the legs-easy knitting from here. They’re not perfect but it’s been a really useful learning exercise; thank you for the inspiration and enjoy your stunning socks!

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    1. I’m so happy I gave you the extra push you needed to get back to your toe up socks! I’m excited to get more sock knitting in now that my sweater is done. I have so much amazing sock yarn begging to be knit up.

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      1. You certainly gave me the extra push; I think we started knitting around about the same time and you’ve often inspired me actually. I learned double knitting because your project was so cool. I’m looking forward to your brioche adventures in due course as I love knitting brioche; you’ve got such a 8
        great sense of colour and I think you will do beautiful things with it!
        I hear you on the sock yarn; my stash is actually ridiculous now so many pairs of socks in my future-at least i can do them 2 ways now thanks to you!

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