Lucky Socks progress (3)

I've made a little progress on my socks, but once again I'm more focused on finishing a sweater than working on socks. I'm looking forward to knitting these more once my sweater is done. I really love the look and feel of this yarn. It is going to be hard for me to knit more... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (6)

I picked up the first sleeve and am about 20 rows in. Those first two rows of picking everything up and establishing the pattern are so nerve-wracking. It's already a fairly reasonable short sleeve length and I still have plenty of yardage left. The sleeve looks very small and funny because of the ribbing, but... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (5)

I finished the body of my sweater over the weekend! Just like with my previous sweater, I got very nervous as I got closer and closer to the right length. I kept swapping to needles with a longer cable to try it on every few rows, and I'm sure my spouse was sick of me... Continue Reading →

Lucky Socks progress (2)

I have a few more rounds of progress on these socks. I think I burned myself out slightly from working on the sweater so much the past few days, so it's been nice to knit this simple stockinette. This project has also been what I work on while I'm chatting with my dad every day.... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (4)

For some reason I've been working on this sweater like my life depends on it. This was my project for our craft night this week, plus I gave up some prime video game time to work on it too. I've almost doubled the amount of body ribbing done, and have made it about halfway through... Continue Reading →

Lucky Socks progress

I have mostly been working on my pullover lately, but I did make time to do a few more rounds on these. There's not much new to say about knitting vanilla socks at this point. I do really love this yarn though. The stripes are definitely keeping things interesting for me even though there's no... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over progress (3)

It has been a bit since I've shown my progress on this sweater. I've been working fairly steadily on it except for the few days where I was frantically trying to knit my St. Paddy's Day hat in time for the holiday. I tried it on recently, and now that there's a fair amount of... Continue Reading →

Lucky Socks started

These socks were my St. Paddy's Day cast on and I'm just getting around to sharing them. My poor camera skills do not do justice to how beautiful this yarn is. It's a lovely self-striping 80/20 BFL/nylon from Nomadic Yarns in the colorway "Get Lucky." I've been itching to try out some self-striping socks for... Continue Reading →

1986 Socks finished!

Look at me with a FO Friday as if I planned it all along! These socks felt like they took a bit longer than usual, but it was still just around a month and a half. I've definitely decided that toe-up is not my method of choice for simple socks. If I'm doing a complex... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (5)

I joined a few more hexes over the weekend. I've been adding one or two every once in a while because I can't quite get motivated to sit down and join a bunch at a time. The thing that has kept my momentum up at all is that I've completely given up on weaving in... Continue Reading →

St. Paddy’s Hat

I was browsing new patterns over the weekend and ran across this St. Paddy's Hat. It seemed like a good way to use up some of the wool I had bought for Christmas Balls that never got made. It also seemed like good practice for doing stranded colorwork. Even though I made several colorwork projects... Continue Reading →

Easy as Pie Dishcloth

I wanted to use up the scraps of cotton I had left over from my tea towel so I decided to make a scrappy dishcloth. The pattern is the Easy as Pie Dishcloth, and honestly... I don't love it. It was definitely easier than the Seamless Circular Dishcloth I've made many times before, but it... Continue Reading →

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