March 2021 Goals

I can’t believe I’ve already finished one of my Big Goals for the year! February was a focused and productive month.

Completed in February:

Current WIPs:

  • Wingspan – knit
  • Hexagon Blanket – crochet
  • Tea Towel – knit
  • 1986 Socks – knit

February Goals in review:

  • Purchase ZERO yarn. Done! This was harder than it should have been, but I resisted. I want to continue being a bit more mindful about my yarn purchases because I have so many beautiful skeins in my stash begging to be knit.
  • Finish a set of feathers on my Wingspan. Nope. I knit a few rows but not quite enough to finish the feathers.
  • Draw or paint something. Nope. This is a skill I really do want to develop but when it comes down to my free time I almost always seem to prefer knitting or crochet instead of learning to draw.

March Goals:

  • Finish my 1986 Socks. This poor project languished while I was working on my sweater. I love this yarn so much and I really want to get these finished as soon as possible so I can enjoy them.
  • Complete two small projects. January and February were dominated by my Cozy Classic Raglan which was a big project. This month I want to start and finish a few smaller things like dishcloths or simple hats.
  • Join at least a dozen hexagons to my blanket. I’m almost finished making hexagons, but still have so many that need to be joined. I want to make sure I keep working on this project even after the quick easy hexagons are done.

2021 Big Goals Progress

  1. Knit a sweater. Done! I am still completely amazed at how quickly this project went. I’m already thinking about what my next sweater will be.
  2. Complete a blanket. I’m slowly making progress on my hexagon blanket.
  3. Either finish or get rid of any WIPs that carried over from last year. I frogged my Tunisian Ripple Lapghan this month. I loved the way it looked but it was slow going and it was even worse for my elbow than normal crochet. I’ll find something else to use that yarn for. My Wingspan and Hex Blanket are my last two 2020 WIPs.
  4. Make a return to digital art. No progress this month.
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started 2020 with (i.e. use up 1495 g). I’m adding a table to show my stash changes for the month. In February I used up a net of 366 g.
Yarn In (g)Yarn Out (g)
Cozy Classic Raglan*257
Tunisian Ripple Lapghan (tangled yarn that wouldn’t frog)45
Hexagon Blanket*64
*For large projects, I count yarn as used when I cut to change colors or when I use up a full skein. For example 167 g of my sweater yarn got counted in January because I switched colors before the end of the month.

February was the month of the Cozy Classic Raglan. It was a wonderful learning experience and I am no longer intimidated by sweaters. I’m looking forward to some quick projects for a while as a break though.

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