Pull Me Over finished!!

It’s all done and it barely took one month from start to finish! I finished the bind off on the second sleeve yesterday morning and then threw it in to soak. This yarn bled a ton, so much so that I eventually gave up on trying to get all the excess dye out. I soaked it three times and it was still bleeding just as much as when I started. The perils of hand painted yarn I suppose.

In any case, it spent yesterday blocking and drying, and then this morning I finished weaving in all the ends. It came out wonderfully soft and with much more drape after being washed, and it fits very nicely. The sleeves are a solid 3/4 length, and the body length comes down to mid-hip on me. My only concern was the neckline, which turned out to be near the maximum width I could possibly stand. I decided to do a row of single crochet all the way around the collar to add a touch of extra length and as insurance against future growth. It looks great, and I had about 6″ of yarn left over when I was finished. The perfect yarn chicken win!

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