Wingspan progress (2)

I can’t believe I haven’t posted any updates on my Wingspan since October. I have added rows here and there but have not dedicated a lot of time to it consistently. Since it was one of my goals for the month, I worked on it a bit on Sunday. It really is a gorgeous pattern and the yarn is also suitably gorgeous. It just takes so much concentration and has so many fiddly moves going on every row that it is hard to work on for very long at once.

I did manage to finish the second set of feathers and put in a lifeline to prepare for the transition section. That was one of my monthly goals for February, so I’m only a few months behind. I should still be able to finish this project this year if I can just keep chipping away at it. The pattern has three size options and I plan to evaluate the timing and my happiness when I get close to each stopping point to decide what size I will end up making. My original plan was to make the largest but based on my spreadsheet I likely won’t have enough yarn for that. At least it will be beautiful no matter what size it ends up being.

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