Colorwave Dishcloth started

I have my next sweater project all picked out, and it has been taking most of my willpower to keep from casting it on right away. However, the pattern I chose uses brioche, which I have never done. So I’m going to make a few small projects like this dishcloth to practice some of the skills I’ll need before I tackle the sweater itself.

I’ll admit that I had to frog and restart because I was not reading the instructions correctly. It made me grateful I decided to do this instead of diving straight into the sweater. Now that I’m a few repeats in things are going much better and I feel like I’m learning how to read the stitches. It’s not exactly flying off my needles but it is progressing with much less grumbling and swearing. And the colors are very fun and easter-y so they are keeping me happy when the going is tough.


2 thoughts on “Colorwave Dishcloth started

  1. Eek i’m intrigued!! So curious what your next sweater project is going to be!! I’ve been fantasizing about a brioche jumper for a long time and have picked out the yarn for the Crush jumper but haven’t cast it on yet & not likely to for a while. I’m so in awe of how you’ve stepped into jumper making and how quickly you’re knocking them out! Your last one was such a lovely fit on you and just looked so beautiful.
    Your dishcloth is stunning, what kind of brioche is that? The colours are so pretty!

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