Reversible Mood Octopus finished!

Mood Octopus finished! I got it done over the weekend, and I love it so much. Just look at their cute little face(s)! The two expressions are adorable and they make me so happy. It took a few tries on each of them to get the mouth the way I wanted, but it was way... Continue Reading →

Mood Octopus progress (5)

All of the crochet on this project is finished! I got the last few arms done today, so now I have the whole weekend to get everything sewn together and add the finishing details. Every time I make an octopus I complain about having to make 8 arms. With this one I had to make... Continue Reading →

Mood Octopus progress (4)

I've added a few more adorable tiny octopus arms today. At this rate I might actually get some knitting done on my cardigan this week too. The deeper I get into this project the more I realize how daunting the amount of sewing involved actually is. Still, I won't let that keep me from enjoying... Continue Reading →

Mood Octopus progress (3)

I'm still slowly making my way through this project. I got a few octopus arms crocheted today, and might try to do one more this evening if my elbow cooperates. At this rate I should easily be able to get them all finished in time to sew everything together this weekend.

Mood Octopus progress (2)

I managed to finish the yellow half of the octopus body today. Now I just have the yellow arms to finish and the stuffing and sewing to do. This is a fun little project, even if I do have to take my time with it. I can't wait to have it finished and sitting on... Continue Reading →

Mood Octopus progress

This weekend was fairly busy with family stuff so I didn't get a lot of crafting done. Instead I spent a long time kayaking and then hanging out with other people inside of my house with no masks on (everybody fully vaxed). It felt strange but was really nice. I did crochet a few rounds... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (4)

More cardigan progress today. I'm very happy that I'm at the point where I can comfortably knit on this and watch TV at the same time. There's still quite a long way to go so I'm going to be a complete pro at brioche by the time I'm done. Hopefully all the muscle memory I... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (3)

Here's my latest progress on my Fluff Nugget. I got a lot of work done on it during my virtual craft night this week. I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far, but I do have some worries. The big one is that I don't exactly know how to measure it properly. The pattern calls... Continue Reading →

Delightful Dishcloth!

Sometimes you just really need to knit a quick dishcloth. This project was started mostly to keep me from casting on any new socks before June. I'm not sure if it worked as intended because I still really want to cast on some socks. I won't hold it against this dishcloth though. It's cute with... Continue Reading →

Reversible Mood Octopus started!

One of my goals for this month was to make some amigurumi since it's been a while. I started this octopus over the weekend. The pattern has you essentially make two octopuses in different colors, that you sew together to make it reversible. I've finished crocheting all the parts for the blue side and am... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Progress (2)

I've had a lot more time to work on my cardigan since I finished my socks last week. Part of my brain still desperately wants to cast on a new pair of socks right away but I'm trying to resist for now. I'm planning to join a sock KAL that starts on June 1 and... Continue Reading →

Acorns Socks finished!

They're done! I am so incredibly pleased with how these turned out, they really do remind me of acorns. The gradient yarn could not be more perfect for this pattern. I got nervous about running out as I got to the cuff, but I ended up winning at yarn chicken with about 2 g to... Continue Reading →

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