Strawberry Shorties!

Here’s a sneaky project that came out of nowhere, even for me. I finally couldn’t resist the urge to make a pair of socks to try out a shadow wrap heel. Then I combined that with some curiosity about whether I could get a complete pair of shorties out of two 20 g mini skeins. The result was a completely engrossing project that I couldn’t put down. I started these on Wednesday evening and and was already grafting up the toes by Sunday.

The shadow wrap heel was incredibly easy, and seems to fit very well. I’m eager to add it on a full length sock to really get the full effect of how it fits, but I’m really happy with these. The heel also looks much nicer than other short row heels I’ve seen. At some point I’d like to try making socks with an afterthought heel and I think I would use this technique for it.

As far as my challenge to only use two minis, it felt like a great success. I did completely use up the speckled yarn, and ended up doing some helical knitting on the foot to combine the two colors and help stretch it out longer. The solid red was almost completely used up too, with barely a couple grams leftover. I could have maybe done 2 – 3 more rounds on the cuff, but not anything else. They are very short shorties, but it was satisfying to use up these minis completely without needing to supplement with any other yarn.

Now I need to actually work on my other WIPs so I can get some of them done too!


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