Spouse Socks progress (6)

This is where I am with the socks I'm making for my spouse. If I were making these for me I'd be starting the toe very soon, but instead I have several inches more to go because our feet are very different sizes. I'm still holding out hope that between tonight and tomorrow I can... Continue Reading →

Brushwood Beanie finished!

My Brushwood Beanie is done! I really love the way this worked up. The slipped stitches pull little bits of the different colors up through the gradient and make everything more interesting. It took a little longer than I expected but I think that was due to all the purling in the pattern. I think... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (5)

As you can see I've made quite a bit of progress on these socks for my spouse since the last time I showed them. I am still desperately hoping I can finish them by the end of the month but it might be a close thing. I've finished the heel flaps and gussets but still... Continue Reading →

Brushwood Beanie progress

This hat is taking a little longer than I expected. I think it is because the pattern is mostly purling around. I'm enjoying how the color is working up, and seeing the slipped stitches carry little bits of different colors up the hat. It is going to be so cozy when it is finished.

Wingspan progress (6)

Here's a peek at the progress I made on my wings this weekend. It wasn't much, but at least I did still work on it a little. It takes so much concentration I still have to work on it in small doses. With this I have met my goal of working on it every week... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (5)

I've had so many new things to talk about this week that I'm just now getting around to sharing the shawl progress I made over the weekend. It is a bit hard to talk about progress on this piece very clearly because each row has several associated short rows to complicate things. The center of... Continue Reading →

Brushwood Beanie started

Another day, another new cast-on, apparently. This is another hat that will eventually end up in the xmas gift pile. I've picked up a few hat patterns as they caught my eye, and I'm happy to have a chance to start trying some of them. I really like the look of this one so far,... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Washcloth

This week seems to be all about getting some quick knits out of my system after struggling with long projects. Today I'm showing off this pretty dishcloth. Sure, St. Patrick's Day is long past, but I had this horrible electric green cotton yarn I wanted to use up and a shamrock pattern seemed a good... Continue Reading →

Bankhead Hat

I started this hat almost immediately after binding off my Musselburgh. This one is a child size, knit as an xmas gift using yarn leftover from my Waffle Hat. It felt amazing to fly through this little hat in one day after spending so long working on my cardigan and my Musselburgh hat. I think... Continue Reading →

Musselburgh Hat finished!

It's done! I knit it exactly to the length the pattern recommended, and the leftover yarn was less than 10 g. I probably could have made it a couple of rows longer, but I'm pretty happy with the size I ended up with. Plus this way I didn't have to stress out about yarn chicken.... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks progress (4)

The socks are coming along nicely. I'm a little over halfway past the length that the Spouse has requested for the legs. They're still going a little bit slower than I am used to. I'm not sure why it feels that way. Maybe it is just the selfish knitter in me, being sad that I'm... Continue Reading →

Musselburgh Hat progress (6)

My Musselburgh Hat has grown by several inches since the last time I showed it here. I've continued working on it while watching tv and it is coming along nicely. There's still around 30 g of yarn remaining in the cake so it looks like there should be plenty to knit to the pattern specifications.... Continue Reading →

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