Wingspan progress (5)

I’ve had so many new things to talk about this week that I’m just now getting around to sharing the shawl progress I made over the weekend. It is a bit hard to talk about progress on this piece very clearly because each row has several associated short rows to complicate things. The center of the shawl is less than 5″ long, but the edges are more than twice that. In any case it is still growing and it feels nice to see how far I’ve come. It isn’t very clear from the photo but the yarn is just barely showing the first color change of the gradient. Each full row is still pretty time consuming but I’ve mostly memorized the pieces of the pattern. That helps thing flow a bit better. I’m really glad I set a goal to work on this every week this month because I still have a very long way to go if I want to finish this before the end of the year.


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