Volcano Trail finished!

It’s all done! I had some concerns about how the finishing and seaming were going to go, so I did things slightly out of order. I seamed the top collar first, which went fine but would have been too much sewing for me if I had done both collars and the back seam all at once. After that first round of sewing I finished knitting the bottom, and instead of binding off and then sewing it together I did a modified 3-needle bind off that took care of everything in one pass. It was my first time using that technique and it isn’t my neatest work but it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I’m not sure it really saved me any time since I still had to go along with a second needle and pick up an entire round of stitches, but it lays flatter than my seam at the top of the cowl. Finally I seamed up the back and added the duplicate stitch detail down the front.

I love the look of this cowl, even though I had some rough spots with my color choices. I think the modifications I made really worked out well. I definitely need a little break before I start on the second one, but I am still looking forward to it. Hopefully the intended recipient loves this cowl as much as I do!


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    1. Thanks! The colors are sort of a fade, so one section might be two different colors, then the next is one of them held double. There’s no one color that runs through the whole thing. The pattern explains it really nicely.

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