Spoopy Socks started

I got this gorgeous yarn in the mail on Monday and decided I could not wait even a minute to get it caked up and cast on. The weather is perfect for fall and this yarn is making me excited for Halloween! The yarn is Area 51 Fibres "Speckle or Spook" and the pattern is... Continue Reading →

Half Washcloth

I have been using my other half-sized washcloth quite a lot, and decided I needed to make some more of them. I'm going to play around a bit with the style and size until I find the recipe I like the best. This time around I made it without the yarnovers on the edges. In... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (9)

The weather was so beautiful over the weekend so of course I used it as an excuse to work on my blanket again. I still haven't joined more hexes but I have finished weaving in all of the ends so far. It feels great going into the Fall with a completely clean slate. I'm ready... Continue Reading →

Cat Doorstop finished

This little friend was very quick and easy to make. The only reason it wasn't done sooner was that I had to wait for the marbles I ordered as ballast to arrive in the mail before I could complete the body. I miss crochet sometimes, and the speed of the projects is one of the... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (8)

This is the first time I've had a Hex Blanket update since June! It's so nice that the weather is beginning to cool off and I can work on it without feeling like I am going to melt. I didn't attach any new hexes, but I did spend a bunch of time weaving in ends.... Continue Reading →

Cat Doorstop started

This is a project I've had in my head for a while now. We usually prop our bedroom door open to make sure that the cats don't accidentally trap themselves in with us overnight. Most of the time we just use an old slipper for this, but I have really been wanting a cute proper... Continue Reading →

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