Spoopy Socks progress

I spent most of my weekend knitting time working on these socks. As you can see, I have made it through the heel on the first sock and have started the heel on the second one. The pattern calls for a heel flap and gusset but I am substituting a shadow wrap heel. I’ve only used this heel on shorty socks before, so I’m curious to see what the fit is like in a full sized sock.

Once I am done with both heels I plan to put them back on one needle and finish them off as two-at-a-time. It wasn’t really feasible to start them that way because of how the pattern works, but since the bottom of the foot is plain stockinette it should be fine now. I’ve reached the point of memorizing the pattern and I am really enjoying it a lot. I can foresee using this one frequently in the future.


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