Hex Blanket progress (11)

I have so much momentum on this blanket all of a sudden and it's great! Over the last few days I've finished making the last few hexes I need to complete the project. I decided to use identical hexes for the corners as a small accent. There's still a ton of yarn left in some... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (10)

I actually made some very solid progress on my blanket over the weekend. I finished attaching the last full round of hexes, and started filling in the ends a bit so the finished blanket will be longer than it is wide. At this point the length and width are at their finished sizes and I... Continue Reading →

Sweater Swatch

Once my DK socks were done, I spent the rest of my weekend knitting time working on this swatch. This yarn is from my Dragon Hoard Yarn Halloween advent set, and I want to use most of the mini skeins to make a sweater. I spent a lot of time doing math to try to... Continue Reading →

Another Half Washcloth

I decided to make yet another one of these half washcloths. I use the other ones all the time and I want to keep experimenting to find the perfect recipe for me. This one is back to using yarnovers. It is the same number of stitches as my first one (22 st), but this time... Continue Reading →

Winter Seaside Socks started

This is the project I worked on while I was at the beach last week. Of course I didn't work on the pair of socks that has been on the needles since September. This DK sock yarn arrived right before we left, so I cast on right away. The colors seemed perfect for winter at... Continue Reading →

Bricks Hat finished!

I actually finished this right before we left for the beach, but didn't get a chance to post it here. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. The colors look great and I like where the gradient begins and ends. Now this one can also be added to my holiday gift pile.... Continue Reading →

Back from the beach

I'm back from my trip to the beach! It wasn't a super long trip but it was exactly what I needed. We mostly tried to avoid crowds and we got a lot of takeout, but it was still the most I've been out in public since the pandemic. I was worried my anxiety would be... Continue Reading →

Bricks Hat started

I decided to start on another hat now that my Halloween socks are done. To be fair I did also knit a few rows on my Heel Toe Do Si Do socks as well, but I really wanted a quick break from sock knitting. Given how fast this hat is going it will probably be... Continue Reading →

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