Hex Blanket finished!!!

I did it! I managed to get this blanket finished before the end of the year! This is pretty much all I have been working on over my winter break, but it has been worth it. I am quite pleased with how this turned out. It used up a ton of my acrylic yarn and it ended up being a perfectly cozy size to curl up with on the couch.

I could have stopped earlier this week, but I decided I wanted a bit of extra color in the border. The bonus side effect of that extra work is that the blanket is about 3 – 4 inches bigger than it would have been without it. I am aware that there are still a very large number of ends left to weave in, but since the crocheting and joining is all finished I can still consider this a completed project. I did the math and because of the way this was made and the number of color changes, there were a total of almost 800 ends to weave in. Some I was able to take care of while I was working but there were at least 2-300 that needed to be woven in after the joining was done. I made a good effort to get some of them but there are way too many to deal with before the new year. Especially considering all the ones on the back of the project that you can’t see in the photos…

I’m happy that I can call this done in time to meet my goal and also in time to use it in the cold months ahead this winter, even if I have to weave in a few ends each time I use it.


5 thoughts on “Hex Blanket finished!!!

  1. This looks incredible! I’ve just picked up crochet for the first time over the holidays and I am super impressed now that I know what goes into it. Hopefully I’ll get better with practice and be able to make cool things like this one day!

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