Hippogriff Shorties finished!

I got these all finished in no time! I was really happy that I had enough yarn to make these without breaking into a third color. There are about two extra rounds of the yellow "yochlol" color before the toe but otherwise it worked out perfectly. If I make another pair out of these advent... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (8)

I realized it has been a while since I gave an update on my sweater. You can see I've been making slow but steady progress on it in the background. I've split for the sleeves and have been trying to balance knitting the body and the sleeves in tandem. I am hoping that once I... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties progress (2)

I knit a few more rows on my socks and I really enjoy this colorway. Orange and yellow are not usually my favorite colors but the speckles with the brown and green mixed in are just perfect. I even used the owlbear stitch marker that came with this advent because it matches too. There's still... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (7)

Oh hey here's one of my failures from 2021. I desperately wanted to finish this shawl last year but I never seemed to manage the motivation to work on it. In fact the last time I posted an update was back in July. I had worked on it a little bit since then but not... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties progress

Now that I finished a few projects for my spouse I am back to working on things for myself. I made a little progress and now you can really see how beautiful the "hippogriff" colorway looks. I am really hoping that this mini gets me most of the way through the foot of these socks.

Fast Hat finished!

I finished up this hat on Saturday night. It looks a little bell-shaped but it fits pretty nicely. Considering that I was making up this pattern as I went I think it turned out really well. It used up most of the leftover yarn from the shawl and it matches perfectly. Puzzling out how to... Continue Reading →

Fast Hat started

Since I had plenty of yarn leftover from my "It's That Fast" cowl, I decided to start on a matching hat right away. I'm making up the pattern as I go, based on the stitch pattern from the cowl. Hopefully it will fit ok when it is done. I started with a 3x3 folded brim,... Continue Reading →

It’s That Fast Cowl progress

This cowl is coming along nicely. You can see I've about doubled the length of it since yesterday. I continue to really enjoy how this pattern looks interesting and yet is incredibly easy to memorize. Most likely one or two more days will be enough to finish this project at this rate. Work has entered... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties started

I started on this pair of shorty socks this weekend. They are using some of my yarn advent minis, the prettiest of which is called "Hippogriff" so that's what I'm naming this project. Based on the other shorties I've made, I probably will need a third color to finish these off, but that's ok. I... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl finished!

I got it done before the weekend! The spouse tried it on and liked it, although if I make another he might prefer it a little more snug. It came out very cozy and I am really happy with the acrylic yarn I used. The only complaint I had is that it's so fluffy it... Continue Reading →

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