January 2022 Goals

2021 was such a strange year. Things got better but never quite back to “normal”. I got a new job and have still not met most of my coworkers in person yet. But at least I got a ton of knitting done and made quite a few projects that I am really proud of.

Completed in December:

Current WIPs:

  • Wingspan – knit
  • Transverse – knit

December Goals in review:

  • Make a pair of xmas socks. Done! I made one regular pair and one pair of shorties too!
  • Start a sweater. Done! I got reasonably far along on it, considering how many distractions I had this month.
  • Finish my Hex Blanket. Done! I still have a lot of ends to weave in, but I finished crocheting everything in time.

January Goals:

  • Use at least 5 minis on my Transverse. This project is going to be a long one, but if I can get at least 100 g further into it this month I’ll be happy.
  • Knit on my Wingspan a little every week. It’s a project that has been sitting around for way too long and it will feel good to make at least some progress on it to start the new year.
  • Make a cowl for my spouse. I ordered some yarn specifically for this project, since I can’t use wool I have in stash due to allergies. This should be a quick fun knit.

2021 Big Goals:

Now that 2021 is done, it’s time to see how I made out on my big goals!

  1. Knit a sweater. Done! I finished my first sweater by the end of February, and then made a few more over the rest of the year for good measure. Sweater knitting is easier than I expected, and I love having a few hand knit sweaters in my wardrobe now.
  2. Complete a blanket. Done! It was a bit down to the wire but I managed to finish it this year.
  3. Either finish or get rid of any WIPs that carried over from last year. Nope. I started 2021 with 2 blankets, a pair of socks, and a shawl on my needles/hooks. I finished the socks, frogged one blanket and finished the other. The shawl, however, is nowhere near done and I refuse to frog it. I’ll keep poking at it and hope to finish it eventually.
  4. Make a return to digital art. Nope. No matter how much I would like this or how many times I set it as a goal, it never seems to become a priority. It is just not as relaxing as knitting I guess.
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started 2020 with (i.e. use up 1495 g). Nope. I bought a lot of yarn this year, especially with the two yarn advents I ordered. I used up a lot (over 5 kg!), but not enough to make up for all my purchases.
Yarn In (g)Yarn Out (g)
Neighborhood Fiber Co. (2 skeins, gift)200
Xmas Socks69
Xmas Shorties48
Hex Blanket394
Half Washcloth13
*For large projects, I count yarn as used when I cut to change colors or when I use up a full skein.

2022 Big Goals:

  1. Learn entrelac. This is one of those really cool looking techniques that has always seemed too intimidating to me. Since I tackled brioche last year I figure I can try entrelac this year.
  2. Finish my Wingspan. This is a carryover project that should have been finished or frogged in 2021 but I couldn’t manage to do either. Bonus points if I can get this done before it has its second “birthday” this summer.
  3. Fix my Fluff Nugget. I’ve been wearing it a bit lately and I don’t like the way the sleeves fit. I know it is going to take some effort to rip out the cuffs and extend the sleeve length, but it will be worth it to have the cardigan fit me perfectly. What’s the point of making things yourself if you can’t make them fit just right?
  4. Knit a colorwork sweater. I already have the yarn and the pattern picked out and am excited to try upping my colorwork skills in a bigger project.
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started 2020 with (i.e. net decrease of ~2900 g). This goal is even more of a stretch than it was last year. Since 2020 I used over 11 kg of yarn, but still accumulated more than I used. I know I have a history of using up 5,000 – 6,000 g of yarn each year, so I figure if I am very intentional about my purchases in 2022 I still have a chance of meeting this goal. If not, I will still consider it a partial win if I can manage net zero yarn gained for the year.

This year has the potential to be a great one, if I can adjust to some of the big changes I know are on the way. Things in the world are pretty messed up right now but I am still hoping they will get better soon. I’m excited to learn new things in 2022 and indulge in a lot of comfort crafting as well. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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