February 2022 Goals

2022 is off and running. Work has been incredibly intense but my knitting is still keeping me sane. Now I just need to get my yarn purchases under control and I’ll be well on my way to my crafting goals for the year!

Completed in January:

Current WIPs:

  • Wingspan – knit
  • Transverse – knit

January Goals in review:

  • Use at least 5 minis on my Transverse. Done!
  • Knit on my Wingspan a little every week. Done! It is still slow going but I am enjoying this knit again for the first time in ages.
  • Make a cowl for my spouse. Done! In fact I made two. Plus a matching hat…

February Goals:

  • Use at least 5 minis on my Transverse. This seems to be a really good pace for me, so I am going to try to keep it up. I’ve been loving this knit, especially since I split for the sleeves, so this should be easy.
  • Knit on my Wingspan a little every week. This goal worked in January so I am going to try it again in February too. It is really gratifying to see progress on this project again after so long.
  • No new yarn. I bought waaaaay too much new yarn in January. If I want any hope of meeting my big stash busting goal of the year I really need to stop buying for a while.

2022 Big Goals:

We’re one month into 2022. How am I doing on my big goals for the year so far?

  1. Learn entrelac. No progress
  2. Finish my Wingspan. I got my forward momentum going on this project to start the year off right.
  3. Fix my Fluff Nugget. No progress
  4. Knit a colorwork sweater. No progress
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started 2020 with (i.e. net decrease of ~2900 g). I took a huge step backward on this goal. I used up 413 g of yarn in projects but ended up acquiring almost 2300 g.
Yarn In (g)Yarn Out (g)
Hobbii yarns2150
Wonderland Yarns (gift)140
Agender Pride Kitty10
Simple Cowl63
It’s That Fast Cowl82
Hippogriff Shorties36
Fast Hat82
*For large projects, I count yarn as used when I cut to change colors or when I use up a full skein.

My February goals look an awful lot like my January goals. I figure why mess with something that is working so far. This month is likely to be another busy one but my crafting goals should keep me on track in at least one part of my life!

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