Transverse progress (18)

I didn’t post yesterday due to the holiday, but I did get some major progress done on my sweater over the weekend. The bottom hem is completely done, and I am mostly finished with the sleeves as well. All that is left now is the cuffs of the sleeves. I really enjoyed the split hem and I think it looks really nice. The sleeves are also written with a split detail and I think I am going to keep it even though I have long sleeves. I’m so close to the finish line now, I can’t wait!!


2 thoughts on “Transverse progress (18)

  1. It’s looking amazing!! I can’t believe how quickly you have got this done, it’s so impressive. Love the reddish colour at the top & the bottom, it really frames it well and pulls the whole piece together. Enjoy your cuffs! I have never seen a split cuff before, please can you post a picture of that detail when you are completed?

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been amazed at how fast this came together too. It helps that it is almost the only thing I’ve worked on for the last month or so! I’ll definitely post a photo of the cuff detail once they are bound off.

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