Transverse finished!!

My beautiful sweater is finished, and it took less than three months! That’s not to shabby at all for a fingering weight garment. I was really paranoid about how it was going to grow when I blocked it, but it worked out fine. It’s a little bigger than I would like but it isn’t so huge that it bothers me. I would much rather it be a little big than too small anyway.

I absolutely adore the colors and how the whole thing came together. I had some concerns about the differences between the variegated sections and the speckled ones, but I think everything just works together. The best part is that I have 9 minis leftover from this advent. That means I get to enjoy them in more projects in the future!

I am so incredibly happy with how this sweater turned out. I would definitely recommend the Transverse pattern if you are looking for a well-written fingering weight raglan sweater pattern with some nice details.

Here is one of the details I love in this sweater. This is how the split cuff looks with my modified long sleeves.

2 thoughts on “Transverse finished!!

  1. Woohoo!!! That really is absolutely gorgeous, the colours are so vibrant and fun and it just looks stunning!! I can’t believe how quickly you have pulled it off and it really does look utterley beautiful. Thank you for posting the cuff picture! Fascinating to see that detail, I have never seen or heard of it before. It looks good though and it’s a cool idea. Hope you enjoy it wearing your sweater this week and well done again, what a fantastic achievement! Bw pink

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    1. Thanks so much! I am obsessed with the little details in this pattern that make it stand out to me. The split cuff and hem and the raglan detail that continues down the sides and sleeves make it feel like a much more finished piece even though they were all super simple to do. The weather here is supposed to cool off again by the end of this week and I will be wearing this sweater proudly!


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