Transverse progress (12)

Here's my mid-week sweater progress check-in. I finished off one mini and have just started on the next one. That makes three minis used up already this month and we're barely over a week in. I don't want to jinx myself but at this rate I could be done with this project before March. I... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (9)

Every time I post progress on this shawl it looks like I've barely done anything. I have to keep reminding myself that there are about 275 stitches on the needles and that every single row has a few sets of associated short rows that go with it. I am excited that I am very nearly... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (11)

I spent a bunch of time working on this sweater over the weekend and got through one and a half minis. Even though I am very nervous about running out of yarn, I made the decision that I wanted something closer to full length sleeves. I'm still not sure whether I will use the cuff/ribbing... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (10)

I have been very focused on my knitting this week, and it has been nice. The only projects I've touched are my Wingspan and this sweater. It feels good to be making solid progress on it, even though my knitting time has been a bit erratic due to work. I finished the first mini for... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (8)

Here's some proof that I am still steadily working on this project so far this year. I think in some ways this is a testament to how much I've learned since I started this shawl back in 2020. I used to have to double check the difference between M1L and M1R almost every time they... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (9)

Here's the current state of my sweater project. Last time I shared this I had just split for the sleeves. Now they are more than halfway done. I've been doing them two at a time, and alternating between working on them and the body. It has really helped me use up most of my yarn... Continue Reading →

February 2022 Goals

2022 is off and running. Work has been incredibly intense but my knitting is still keeping me sane. Now I just need to get my yarn purchases under control and I'll be well on my way to my crafting goals for the year! Completed in January: Col Simple - knitAgender Pride Kitty - crochetIt's That... Continue Reading →

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