March 2022 Goals

I can’t believe it is March already. Soon the cozy weather will be over and I’ll be sad to see it go. Better enjoy the last bits of it while I can!

Completed in February:

Current WIPs:

  • Wingspan – knit

February Goals in review:

  • Use at least 5 minis on my Transverse. Done! I finished the whole thing!
  • Knit on my Wingspan a little every week. Done!
  • No new yarn. Done!

March Goals:

  • Fix my Fluff Nugget. This is one of my big goals of the year. I really want to extend the sleeves a bit so I can enjoy wearing this cardigan. If I do it early this month I might even be able to use it a few times before it gets too warm.
  • Knit on my Wingspan a little every week. I’m still trying to keep up the momentum on this shawl. It is such slow going but at least I’ve been working on it steadily.
  • Start my colorwork sweater. This is my next big planned project for this year. It is also one of my big goals. I already have the pattern and yarn, I’ve just been waiting until I finished my Transverse before casting on another sweater.

2022 Big Goals:

How am I doing on my big goals for the year so far?

  1. Learn entrelac. No progress
  2. Finish my Wingspan. I kept moving this forward a little at least.
  3. Fix my Fluff Nugget. No progress
  4. Knit a colorwork sweater. No progress
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started 2020 with (i.e. net decrease of ~2900 g). I’m still digging myself out of the hole I made in January. I purchased 0 g but I only used up 173 g.
Yarn In (g)Yarn Out (g)
Half Washcloth13
*For large projects, I count yarn as used when I cut to change colors or when I use up a full skein.

I didn’t complete a lot of projects in February but what I did was very satisfying. I’d like to keep up the trend of keeping my work meaningful in March.

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