Future Cast-Ons

No project photo today because seeing a few new rounds of plain stockinette is not exciting for anybody. I’ve been struggling a bit the past few weeks to come up with meaningful updates because of the kinds of projects I’ve been working on. Since I only have three active WIPs and they are all fairly large, I don’t have a lot of variety in what I can show every day. So today you get some random thoughts about WIPs and choosing new projects.

I have been trying really hard this year to be more mindful about when I start new projects. The benefit is that I’m not currently stressed out about the number of WIPs I have laying around. Instead I’ve been directing that “must start something new!” energy into researching potential projects. I’ve been curating a list of potential cast-ons, helped along by conversation with my knitter friends. Some of them are shorter term goals, like this super cute hooded cowl, while others are more aspirational, like this Setesdal-style sweater. I’m also thinking about any gift knitting I want to do for the holidays this year. It’s nice to plan gifts out while it is still early enough to make them without any last-minute panic.

One potential cast-on I’m really struggling with is an entrelac project. Learning entrelac is one of my big goals for the year, but I’ve had a hard time finding a pattern that speaks to me. I think entrelac knitting is really cool-looking, but most of the patterns I find are either not my style, or they are not written for people who are new to the technique. If anyone has suggestions of good projects for entrelac beginners, please leave a comment!


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