Witchling Sweater progress (9)

I got a few more rounds of colorwork done. You can see that my tension started out a bit uneven but now that I’ve had some practice it is looking much better. Right now I’m just about a quarter of the way through the chart. It’s still a bit slow but luckily there are a few places with plain, single-color rows so I can get little breaks. Based on how much yarn I’ve used so far, I expect I’ll have plenty of my contrast color leftover to use in a second project.


4 thoughts on “Witchling Sweater progress (9)

  1. It is looking really great; you are doing such good work and thank you for posting the photos! I’d love to knit a colorwork jumper but my colourwork tension is appalling; I’ve knitted two complex Christmas stockings, a pair of beautiful mittens, and a child’s jumper and I swear my tension has just got worse with each project! 😂😣 I’ve done several colorwork knitting classes and tried every technique I can think of. So I am very impressed your tension has improved within a couple of rows and I hope you really enjoy knitting it. The colours look great

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    1. Thank you! My tension is not perfect but it seems to be good enough. There are definitely a few rows I am hoping will improve after blocking. I refuse to stop trying because there are so many beautiful colorwork patterns I would love to make!

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      1. You’re so right; one of the many awesome things about knitting is just how many fantastic patterns there are look forward to making! What was the problem with your fluff nugget? I can’t remember but I thought it looked lovely last time you showed it?

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      2. My fluff nugget looks great but once I started wearing it I discovered that I would prefer the sleeves be a bit longer. I just need to pick out the ribbing and knit a couple extra inches.


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