Caramel Socks progress

This project has been exactly what I needed to fill in the times when I can't concentrate too much on my knitting. I've been making up the pattern on the fly, based on a 44-stitch DK weight sock recipe. I thought I might just use a small ribbed pattern in the center front and back,... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (13)

I did it! I finished the painful transition section without dropping any stitches or messing anything up! Now I've moved my lifeline up to the current row and I'm ready to start on the last feather section. It is a bit deceptive because that "last" section is really about 2/3 of the shawl, but I... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks started

I needed an easy project to work on when I don't have the bandwidth to deal with my shawl. Socks are always my go-to for easy knitting. DK socks are even better since they work up so quickly. I really love this yarn and colorway, and I think the finished socks are going to be... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (10)

I really thought I'd stop working on this blanket once the weather started warming up, but I'm happy to be wrong. It's getting quite big and I'm about to switch from doing rounds to doing stripes. Since I just guessed at the size of my starting row my proportions are not right but I can... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (12)

I really pushed myself to work on this shawl over the weekend, and it paid off. The transition section is almost finished, with just a few more rows left to do. Unfortunately one of those rows has a large amount of complex cabling to deal with, so I am planning to set aside an entire... Continue Reading →

Entrelac Practice finished!

I finished my entrelac piece! It was a lot of fun to knit because it meant putting skills I already know into practice in a new way. The striped yarn playing with the entrelac pattern also made it interesting to look at the whole way through. Even though this is destined to be a dishcloth,... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (11)

It has been a little while since I've shown this project but I'm still working on it here and there. I finished the second set of feathers and have moved on to the final transition section. The transitions are really tough for me because you are doing something slightly different on almost every feather. This... Continue Reading →

Entrelac Practice progress

I've been spending my knitting time working on this practice piece. It turns out that Entrelac is not that difficult, it is just a little fiddly in some places. I think the result looks very interesting but also a bit odd. Maybe that's a reason why none of the entrelac patterns I've been browsing have... Continue Reading →

Entrelac Practice started

Learning entrelac is on my big goals list for this year. I spent a lot of time looking at patterns and couldn't figure out a good place to start. Luckily a kind reader pointed me toward this pattern that has a basic entrelac blanket square. I decided to make it to learn the technique, and... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties finished!

I finished these up over the weekend. The colors look fantastic and I love everything about them. I also appreciate the weather here getting cooler for the next week so I can actually enjoy wearing them a bit before all my knitted things disappear for the summer.

Witchling Sweater finished!

Another sweater project finished! This project slowed down for a bit in the middle but once I got to the sleeves it absolutely flew off my needles. This pattern was the perfect combination of plain simple sections with some interesting bits to keep me motivated. I loved knitting the colorwork because even though it slowed... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties progress (2)

Now that my sweater is done (photos coming tomorrow!), I'm back to working on my socks. About half of the foot is finished now, and I continue to be in love with these colors. I know some folks get annoyed with pooling and flashing in variegated yarns, but I often love it. I might not... Continue Reading →

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