Witchling Sweater finished!

Another sweater project finished! This project slowed down for a bit in the middle but once I got to the sleeves it absolutely flew off my needles. This pattern was the perfect combination of plain simple sections with some interesting bits to keep me motivated. I loved knitting the colorwork because even though it slowed me down it also pushed me to improve my technique.

This sweater came from an idea I had basically as soon as I saw the announcement for the yarn I used. The gray is a basic Knit Picks yarn because I needed to keep my costs down, but the red is a very special colorway from Neighborhood Fiber Co. It is called “Observatory Circle,” and it was created in honor of Vice President Harris. I knew right away I wanted to knit with it for many reasons. First of all, it is a gorgeous colorway. Second, a sense of relief and optimism after the 2020 election. Also, these skeins were gifted to me by my spouse because he knew it would be meaningful for me. Observatory Circle is an incredibly special place for me after I spent time working in DC. Now I have this physical manifestation of all of that joy as a beautiful keepsake. It makes me so happy.

Compulsory photo of the floats on the wrong side of my work.

I have an entire skein of the Observatory Circle, and several 50g balls of the Knit Picks yarn leftover. Now I’m debating whether to make matching hat/cowl/mitts, or to save my leftovers for a different new project.


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