Wingspan progress (18)

I spent a lot of my weekend knitting time working on my wings. There’s a lot of progress since the last time I checked in. In fact I am just a handful of short rows away from being finished with the medium size. Even though I am dying to get this project off of my needles, I am starting to lean more towards adding at least a few extra rows. I definitely don’t have enough yarn to do the full large size, but I could probably do one more pattern repeat before starting the feather tip and bind off section. Since each pattern repeat adds almost 100 stitches in width and about 4″ in length it could make a big difference in the finished piece. Mostly I want to get rid of the big pink ball of remaining yarn in a useful way. If I don’t use it up in this project it is likely to sit in my stash forever and I don’t want that.


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