Wingspan progress (20)

I know I said I was taking a break from this project, but I had a revelation and I am back at it already. I was chatting with a friend who has also knit this pattern, trying to untangle all of the things that were making me unhappy about my project. The biggest factor by far is the color, which is lovely, but also 100% not something I’d ever wear. The revelation came when I realized that I could try overdyeing the finished object. Sure, it could ruin it, but it could also transform it into something I might use instead of giving away. Plus it could be a fun way to dip my toes into yarn dyeing. I’m still looking up tutorials and thinking about possible colors, but I think this is a great way forward. Of course I actually have to finish the knitting first.


2 thoughts on “Wingspan progress (20)

  1. Good luck! I have a hard time finishing something if I don’t like the yarn….and I’ll re-work it too.

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one. I’m doing my best to get this done and keeping my fingers crossed that changing the color makes me feel better about it once it’s finished.


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