Yarn Dyeing Experiment

I jumped into my yarn dyeing experiment just as soon as my Wingspan was off the needles. I wound the leftover yarn into a hank and soaked it in tap water for a few hours. Then I dropped it into the stock pot with some vinegar and food coloring, and crossed my fingers. I went with food coloring rather than a commercial acid dye since this is potentially a one-time thing rather than a whole new hobby. It also meant I didn’t need extra equipment like a respirator since the “dye” is already in liquid form, and it’s food safe.

When it first came out of the bath (the left image below) it looked very dark blue, but as it dried you could start to see a lot of depth where some of the pink is still coming through (right image below). The whole process was messy and time consuming, but also pretty fun. I absolutely love how this turned out, and I can’t wait to see how it works on my Wingspan!

For reference, the yarn I started with was the bright pink yarn from the very center of this cake.

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