Fluff Nugget Fix finished!

I'm skipping my blanket update for this week so I can share this finished project instead! It has not been re-blocked yet but otherwise it is all done. The sleeves ended up needing more length than I originally thought, but I am very happy with how they turned out. This cardigan is so squishy and... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Fix progress (3)

I'm over halfway through with the additional brioche rows, and I have become determined to finish this in time to meet my goal for the month. The thing that keeps getting in the way is the fact that because this is brioche, every finished row requires working the fabric twice. It makes everything feel like... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Fix progress (2)

I finished the first sleeve! Once it was bound off I tried it on, and I'm so much happier with the length now. I can't wait to get the other sleeve done and see how much better everything fits. I think I will end up wearing this so much more when I am happier with... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Fix progress

This was my main knitting project over the weekend, and I think I am finally happy with the length. I measured before I cut the cuff off and estimated I would need about four extra inches. As I knit I kept trying it on and ended up going for almost six inches in total. Now... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Fix started

One of my big goals for this year is to fix this cardigan. I love it a lot and wore it a few times over the winter, but the sleeves were just way too short. The pattern had some comments about how some of the test knitters' sleeves grew a lot during blocking, so I... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (17)

There's not a lot of progress to show on my blanket this week, but I did at least add a couple rows. I honestly haven't spent as much time crocheting or knitting this week. I'm not sure why that is, but I am not worried about it. Hobby interest always fluctuates a bit, and in... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (10)

Here's today's progress update on my tee. You might get a bit sick of seeing it because I don't have any other knitting projects on the needles right now. Brace yourself for lots of small incremental updates I guess. Meanwhile I am enjoying the peace of mind that comes from not having way too many... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (9)

It's another progress shot of my rainbow tee today. I got about an inch of knitting done since the last time, and you can finally see how the green/blue section is knitting up. I really like the colors, but they do stand out a lot compared to the blue/purple section. According to my measurements I... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae finished!

The baby cardigan is done! I had plenty of time to finish it up and get it blocked over the weekend. It turned out so cute! I really love all the colors in this yarn, and it is fun having the different stripes and pooling in the different parts of the sweater. This knit up... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae progress (3)

My new needles arrived! I'm really glad they did because I don't think picking up all of those stitches with my wooden needles would have been very fun. Even with the new metal needles I had to employ my trusty crochet hook every once in a while to get everything picked up properly. Once that... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (16)

It's time once again for my weekly blanket update, and once again I'm in shock that I keep working on it even though it is summertime. In fact I've managed to make a fair bit of progress since last week. I enjoy the fact that this is such a mindless project, and unlike the miles... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (8)

Here's the latest progress on my tee. Since I still can't work on my baby cardigan, I had enough time with this project to get to the color change. I admit I don't have a good feel for how all of the colors will work up, or even if I will have enough yarn to... Continue Reading →

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