Fluff Nugget Fix started

One of my big goals for this year is to fix this cardigan. I love it a lot and wore it a few times over the winter, but the sleeves were just way too short. The pattern had some comments about how some of the test knitters’ sleeves grew a lot during blocking, so I went a little shorter than normal. I think because this yarn is a blown tube construction, it held its shape a lot more than a normal plied yarn. That meant that my sleeves ended up several inches too short. I knew I needed to fix it but the prospect was a little intimidating.

To lengthen the arms, I have to rip out all of the cuff ribbing, pick up the brioche stitches, and then knit those extra inches and the cuff again. I watched some videos about fixing brioche so I could learn more about the construction of the stitches, and then I ran a lifeline with some crochet thread. The scariest part was cutting the bind-off edge and tearing out the cuff. Cutting into a finished project with scissors is something I will never get used to. Luckily I managed to pick up everything properly and have knit an inch or so. By the time I get comfortable with this it will be time to use the scissors on the other sleeve.


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