Napatree Tee progress (20)

I am heading into the weekend in a good place with this project. It's just a few rounds away from the shoulder seaming. I really like that in the photo you can see how much I have left of the various bits of the color gradient. Even though it looks like a mess with all... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (21)

Hopefully this will be my last Granny Blanket update before it is finished. I tried out a simple spike stitch border pattern, and I liked it enough to keep going. Now I'm about halfway finished with the round. I get frustrated sometimes with crochet because I have to take lots of breaks to avoid injuring... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (4)

We interrupt the flood of Napatree Tee progress posts to bring you this update on my socks. You can see from the photo that it is not much of an update. I've done just a couple rows since you last saw them. Socks are usually nice TV knitting for me, but in this case it... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (19)

Here's today's progress on my tee. I started on the front a tiny bit over the weekend. Now one side is almost done. You can see the wrong side of the back shoulder peeking out at the top. The front is definitely going a lot faster because there are a lot more decreases and there... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (18)

I finished the back of my tee over the weekend! It went pretty quickly once I split for the shoulders. The two sides look a little uneven but I think that is partially because of the way I have them on different holders. I am trusting that once I pick up the stitches everything will... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (17)

I tried to capture more of the garment in the photo this time to give a better sense of the color changes. I've finished with the green sections and have moved into the orange/yellow gradient. I've also almost made it to the short rows at the back of the neck. The color changes are still... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (20)

It's granny blanket day! I finished one border row since last week. The project is at a good point now. Either I can call it finished now, or I can add one more border row I have been planning. I think this weekend I will try out the stitch I have in mind. If I... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (3)

My progress on these socks has been quite slow, but I am not stressing out about it. I am enjoying them when I pick them up, but my focus has mainly been on my Napatree Tee this week. One good thing is that I've established the pattern enough to be comfortable with it now. The... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (16)

Here's today's progress on my tee. I'm a few rows into the last color section with green now. Based on my calculations I should be part way through the orange section when I finish up the shoulder and neck. That should leave a bit of the red leftover to do the sleeves. I'm a little... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (15)

I spent more of my free time over the weekend playing games than knitting, but I still finished off one color gradient section. The knitting is going smoothly, but it gets interrupted every few inches when I have to cut the yarn and splice in the next color. I've collected a couple little balls of... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee progress (14)

I am officially past the split for the arm holes now. I'm still a bit nervous about how to handle the color fade now that the front and back are separate, but I will deal with each new section as it comes. For now I have done a rough estimate of the amount of the... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket progress (19)

It is Thursday, the unofficial day to check in on my granny blanket! There's big news this week: I managed to finish the body of the blanket and start in on the border. Once the white granny-stitch row is done I think I want to add another row or two in another stitch, but otherwise... Continue Reading →

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