Single Malt progress (7)

I am still technically on my moving hiatus, but I thought I could at least give a weekly update on my sweater progress. This has become my comfort knitting in the evenings after running back and forth between the old and new houses. It is especially soothing now that I'm past the sleeve split and... Continue Reading →

Moving Hiatus

I have been diligently trying to keep posting recently while we've been house hunting and packing. Now that we're on the cusp of actually moving, I realize that I need to take a break. I just don't have the time to keep knitting and also post here. Since I want to keep knitting and it... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (6)

I swear every photo I take of this sweater turns out a completely different color. Today it is looking very olive, but in person it is a much more forest green color. It looks quite beautiful in natural light but it seems impossible to photograph. The important thing is that I have been enjoying working... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (5)

There's just a few more rows on this sweater since the last time I showed it. Slow progress is still progress though! I'm inching ever closer to the split for the sleeves. I am still really enjoying this stitch pattern, it is keeping things interesting.

Single Malt progress (4)

I mostly worked on my socks over the weekend, but now that they are finished I'm happily back to my dad's sweater. There's still a long way to go before I split for the sleeves, but I am enjoying the journey. Now that there is more to look at, the texture looks amazing. I can't... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks finished!

I'm posting a little later than usual, but I got my socks finished! They do still need to be washed, but at least all the knitting and weaving in ends is done. I really like the way these turned out. The silver toes are a little silly but since nobody will ever see them but... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks progress (12)

I got a lot of knitting done on these over the holiday weekend. It wasn't quite enough to finish them, but pretty close! I lost my game of yarn chicken with the scraps I was using for my heels/toes/cuffs, so I am finishing up the last little bit with silver. Tomorrow is an in-office day... Continue Reading →

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