Single Malt progress (7)

I am still technically on my moving hiatus, but I thought I could at least give a weekly update on my sweater progress. This has become my comfort knitting in the evenings after running back and forth between the old and new houses. It is especially soothing now that I’m past the sleeve split and just have the relatively simple texture pattern in the round for the body. Since this is for my dad I have a bit more length to knit than I am used to, so it is a good thing that it is so relaxing.

The moving is going slowly, but well. We are trying to get some essentials and some of our delicate items moved ourselves, and then soon we’ll have some movers come to take care of the big heavy stuff. Right now the only bad thing is that the new house is pretty far away, so we can only realistically make one trip back and forth per day. On the other hand that forces us to pace ourselves, and every trip is a combo of a little bit of moving and a little bit of unpacking/cleaning.


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