Single Malt progress (11)

I've made some progress on the sleeves since the last time I showed this sweater. There's still a good ways to go, but at least the number of stitches is decreasing every few rows now! My two-at-a-time experiment seems to be mostly a success and there's no noticeable difference where the sleeves start. The only... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Seattle Shorties progress (6)

I was hoping to post more often but real life is still interfering. My shortie socks are growing slowly but surely. It is a little frustrating that they are going so slow, but I really do enjoy having a steady, simple project that I can grab at work once a week. At some point when... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (9)

This weekend is a holiday weekend for me. Normally that might mean lots of extra knitting time. Right now it means extra trips back and forth between houses, with some excursions to Home Depot thrown in. At least I have been able to work on this sweater a bit in the evenings, so I have... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (8)

I'm still technically on hiatus since I don't have my office/knitting space set up at the new house yet. That won't stop me from checking in at least a little bit with sporadic updates. I've been working steadily on my dad's Single Malt sweater. It goes fairly quickly when I can find some uninterrupted time... Continue Reading →

October 2022 Goals

I have a new house! But I am still in the midst of moving, so my posting will be sporadic for a bit longer. At least I'm keeping up with my crafting goals in the middle of all the chaos. Completed in September: Very Green Socks - knit Current WIPs: Single Malt - knit Scrappy... Continue Reading →

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