Single Malt progress (14)

My dad’s sweater is inching closer and closer to being done. I finished all the sleeve decreases so it is just straight knitting in pattern until the cuffs now. There’s not really a lot new to say about this knit since I am still working steadily and still really enjoying it.

I did notice that the annual Knit Picks big sale has started this week. I’ll definitely have some yarn leftover from this sweater, so I might decide to grab a couple more skeins while it is on sale so I can make a matching version for myself. If I am feeling extra ambitious I may also get enough to make a third sweater for another xmas gift for someone for next year. Usually I would prefer nicer hand dyed yarn but I am glad affordable yarn exists for projects like this, especially if I’m not sure how well the recipient will care for the finished object!


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