Scrappy Seattle Shorties progress (7)

It has been a couple weeks since the last time I showed my progress on these. I don’t feel like I’ve been working very hard on them, but they have doubled in length since last time. The difference in pace is because I have been working on them at home a little bit, instead of saving them for work. My in-office days usually end up being way too busy to actually get much knitting done, but I still like having a project to take just in case.

You may notice that the color has changed near the top of my work. It’s not because I reached the toe already, my feet aren’t quite that tiny! It’s because I finally ran out of the beautiful main color yarn. That yarn was split into two balls from the previous project, and they weren’t quite even. I couldn’t stand the thought of wasting any of it so the blue starts a few rows later on the second sock. These will mostly be used for sleeping in, so I’m not bothered that they aren’t identical.


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