Advent Overdyeing

I had some unplanned fun with colors over my holiday break! This year I got a yarn advent with DK weight minis. My plan was to make a cardigan for myself out of them. Unfortunately for me, the advent had a higher proportion of pink than any other color. Since I knew that I would... Continue Reading →

Kraken Cowl finished!

I hope you had a lovely xmas if you celebrate it! I have been enjoying some time off this week, and have used that time to finish this cowl! The colors are not quite as high contrast as I would prefer, but you can definitely still see the image in the colorwork. I also realized... Continue Reading →

Kraken Cowl progress

This cowl is just flying along. I am still not the most confident colorwork knitter, but I can definitely see how far I've come from some of my earlier attempts. Now I have a nice week-long break from work, so I should have no problem finishing this before the end of the year! Happy Holidays!

Kraken Cowl started!

Friends, I am weak. I was making such good progress on my sweater, not knitting on anything else for a few days. Then suddenly I was gripped with a need to cast on something new. This is a pattern I've had my eye on for a long time, and I finally got the nerve to... Continue Reading →

Single Malt (for me) progress (3)

I have been virtually attending a conference for work this week. That means I have had a lot of time to knit while listening to presentations and taking occasional notes. Now I am already getting close to splitting for the sleeves! The sleeves are the correct size but I still need a few more raglan... Continue Reading →

Single Malt (for me) progress (2)

Lots of progress since last week. I don't have a ton to say about this project since I've already made this sweater once before. I guess the best praise I can give is that even though I just finished one, this one is still keeping me interested. The pattern is the exact right balance between... Continue Reading →

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