Scrappy Xmas Shorties progress

I have been spending a good amount of time working on these scrappy shorties and am making lots of progress. I've already used up a couple different scraps, which is always nice. Although, I will probably be kicking myself for using so many small bits when it comes time to weave in all of these... Continue Reading →

Twists and Turns un-paused… and then paused again

So I know I said that I was pausing this project, but obviously I've done some more work on it. During the move I didn't always have access to all of my WIPs, so I grabbed for whatever I could actually find. I ended up getting far enough along with clue 1 that it felt... Continue Reading →

Single Malt (for me) started!

If you were looking closely at my monthly wrap-up post you may have noticed this listed as a WIP at the start of December. I loved the sweater I made for my dad so much that I ended up casting on one for myself almost immediately after finishing his. This one will be slightly smaller... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Xmas Shorties started!

Well it is December and I've already started a little festive project for myself. These are going to be extra scrappy shorties. I'm using up some self-striping yarn, plus bits and pieces of a mini skein set, and other various leftovers. They won't match exactly but they will definitely channel the holiday spirit. You can... Continue Reading →

December 2022 Goals

My move is finally done! Sure, there's still a lot of unpacking and cleaning and organizing to do, but the hardest part is behind me (I hope), and I have a nice long xmas break coming soon! Completed in November: Single Malt - knit Scrappy Seattle Shorties - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns -... Continue Reading →

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